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Thematic issues and scope

Revista Politécnica is a quarterly periodic publication edited by Escuela Politécnica Nacional of Ecuador, whose objective is to contribute to scientific and technological knowledge, through the publication of scientific studies related to the areas of basic sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics) and engineering (Chemical and Agroindustry, Civil and Environmental, Electrical and Electronic, Geology and Petroleum, Mechanics, and Systems). Revista Politécnica is aimed at professionals and researchers who work in these fields of knowledge.

Revista Politécnica is published with a frequency of 3 months, 2 volumes per year with 2 issues each (February, May, August and November); however, the reception of articles is continuous. Articles can be updated, submitted at any time.






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Types of works

Revista Politécnica receives, evaluates and publishes scientific research papers in Spanish and English, of three types:

  • Research advances: These are articles that present new research results, also called original articles.
  • Review articles: These are critical evaluations about studies and research already published, with this we seek to define and clarify a research problem by synthesizing previous studies.

These two types of articles will go through their respective peer review process.

  • Guest articles: The editorial committee analyzes the author's career, his research impact index, and is awarded the right to publish the article.


Open access policy

This journal provides free and immediate access to its content, under the principle that the results of the research activity must be available to the public free of charge. This practice fosters a greater exchange of global knowledge.

The publication of an article has not cost for the authors, who undertake to fully respect the editorial process of Revista Politécnica.


Ethics and publication

Revista Politécnica will ensure that the contents to be published agree with internationally recognized ethical criteria. Editors will promote ethical protection in both published and unpublished works. If necessary, if the dimension or scope of ethical faults are serious, they can be taken to other instances.

Given the case that the journal had published important inaccuracies, mistakes or misleading or distorted information, this journal will go to the authors so that the correction is made immediately. This will be clearly stated in the same publication. If for any reason the correction requested is not obtained, the editors reserve the right to cancel the contents under observation.

Therefore, it is expected that all parties involved in the publication process know and respect the agreements on behavior and good ethical practices that ensure the correct development of the knowledge dissemination process.

About authorship

Editorial committee considers that all authors who have written the article have made contributions proportionally and notably to both the research and the manuscript, which is considered, that all authors equally share responsibility when in the article, good ethical practices have not been followed in the scientific publication.

Plagiarism Detection

Plagiarism is to use the work, ideas, or words of another person as if they were their own, without clearly evidencing where such information comes from, plagiarism is inadmissible in any way and is considered a serious fault to professional ethics, which at the same time can lead to legal and criminal penalties.

Editorial committee will verify the originality of the text for cases of inappropriate citation or possible plagiarism, for which it will use an anti-plagiarism system authorized by Escuela Politécnica Nacional, in such a way that through this system, the manuscript sent is contrasted against current web pages, students’ works and publications of leading scientific publishers such as Elsevier, Taylor & Francis or IEEE.

When a manuscript presents minor problems, it will be returned to the authors to make the suggested changes, in case of identifying major problems, the manuscript will be automatically rejected, even without having been reviewed by academic peers.

Multiple overlap or publication

Overlapping or multiple publications must be avoided, this consists of the publication of an article in two different journals, as well as sending the same document to two or more journals simultaneously to initiate the review process. In this same order, duplicate publications are considered to those made in different languages, since the scientific contributions are the same.

Revista Politécnica automatically rejects manuscripts previously published in the proceedings of conferences.


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