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Aims and scope

Novasinergia is a multidisciplinary journal that is published in digital format. Its periodicity is twice a year and is edited by the National University of Chimborazo. The objective of Novasinergia is the dissemination of new and original scientific knowledge. Its mission is to contribute to developing a research culture oriented to the scientific and intellectual progress of researchers and students of higher education institutions, research institutes, and other public organizations interested in advancing their knowledge in multiple disciplines.

Novasinergia publishes original research results and literature reviews in Science, Engineering, and Technology. The thematic axes are mathematics and statistics, physical and chemical sciences, environment and biodiversity, computational engineering and computer engineering, information and communication technologies, energy, electricity and electronics, industry and production, architecture, and construction.

Types of papers accepted: (1) Research articles: original and unpublished papers, reporting new methodologies, incremental advances in methodologies, or the knowledge of a subject. (2) Review articles: an exhaustive bibliographic and critical review, a meta-analysis on a specific topic in one of the Novasinergia areas of interest. They should guide future research on the topic developed.

Articles may be written in Spanish or English. Manuscripts should contain the title, abstract, and keywords in the language of the text of the article and English when this is not the language of the text.

Novasinergia is aimed at researchers and students from higher education institutions, research institutes, and other public organizations interested in advancing their knowledge in multiple disciplines.


Editorial process

All articles submitted to Novasinergia undergo the review process, whether presented at scientific events or by invited authors. Novasinergia does not publish articles translated from foreign journals or that have been published in other journals.

The Novasinergia article review and approval process comprise four steps: (1) Pre-review. (2) Blind peer review. (3) Verification of changes. (4) Production.

    (1) Pre-arbitration. In this phase, similarity analysis is performed using the URKUND platform. If a similarity index higher than 5% is found, the manuscript is returned to its authors. After passing the similarity analysis, the editor-in-chief reviewed the manuscript to analyze the relevance and viability of the manuscript. At this step, the Editor-in-Chief may return the manuscript to the authors with suggestions for improving its feasibility.

    (2) Peer review. The article is sent to two peer reviewers and one statistician. The statistician checks the methodological consistency of the report. The referees are chosen from the bank of expert reviewers according to their area of expertise. Referees must enter the platform and follow the workflow specified therein, which consists of answering a set of questions about the manuscript. The referees upload the original document to the platform with comments. The referees are guided in their work through a video that is available on our web page.

    Although the activity of the referees is voluntary, they are insisted on being able to give a response within a reasonable time of two weeks. The referees' verdict must be substantiated. It could be: accepted without modifications, accepted with minor corrections, accepted with major corrections, and rejected. Then the Editor-in-Chief and the Associate Editor consolidate the different criteria before they are sent to the authors. However, particular emphasis is placed on avoiding disrespectful or disproportionate criteria against authors. At this stage, and depending on the referees' criteria, the letter of acceptance and the copyright form is issued. The manuscript with referees' recommendations and observations may be returned to the authors. The authors must edit their manuscript according to the referees' comments. The authors are also informed that they have two weeks.

    (3) Verification of changes. Once the authors return the manuscript edited and corrected, the Associate Editor checks the changes. Also, the Editor-in-Chief verifies good use of language, the use of Novasinergia standards for citations and references, and verify the quality of figures and equations.

    (4) Production. Layout, printing proofs, metadata backup, article preview on our web page, among others, are performed.


Submission Process

As part of the submission process, authors must verify that their submission meets all of the elements listed below. They must also agree that their submission will be returned to them if it does not meet the following requirements:

  • All authors of the manuscript are in complete agreement with the submission of the paper for evaluation and possible publication in Novasinergia."
  • ORCIDs of all authors have been included.
  • The submitted manuscript has not been previously published or submitted for consideration by any other journal.
  • The manuscript has been written using the Novasinergia template that corresponds to the type of article available in the author's help on our web page, in Word format.
  • Tables and images are clear, self-explanatory, and necessary for the logical sequence of the information provided in the manuscript's text.
  • Citations and references have been prepared in Novasinergia format (APA v6 modified) (Mendeley URL:
  • The DOI link of all references or the web address where they are available has been included.
  • If the manuscript is accepted for publication, the author agrees to continue with the editing process.


Submission Process

To submit an article, authors must enter Novasinergia, selecting the submit an article option. Authors are encouraged to view the help videos that are available on our website.

Create a username and password to access the Novasinergia web portal; for more information, contact

  • Enter the web portal and start the submission process:
  • Start the process.
  • Upload the submission.
  • Enter metadata.
  • Confirmation.



When Novasinergia receives a manuscript, it is assumed that the authors know and accept the following conditions:

  • Authors retain copyright and grant Novasinergia the right to first publish the work, under Creative Commons Attribution License CC, BY, NC.
  • The license CC, BY, NC allows third parties to use what is published as long as they refer to the author(s) and its publication in Novasinergia.
  • Authors may share, copy, distribute, transform or generate a derivative work, perform and publicly communicate the publication in Novasinergia, provided that:
    • Authorship and source of publication (journal, publisher, and URL) are cited.
    • Not be used for commercial purposes.
    • The exact terms of the license are maintained.


Privacy Statement

The names and e-mail addresses provided to this magazine are used exclusively for Novasinergia's stated purposes. They will not be made available to any other purpose or person.


References and citations standard

Citations and reference lists should be prepared in Novasinergia format. For this, Novasinergia offers its authors a template developed for Mendeley, for which the authors must download and install Mendeley; enter the URL: and start managing citations and references.

The list of references should be ordered alphabetically according to the surname of the first author of the article (Novasinergia format). The addition et al. should be in italics. Please note that all references listed here should be directly cited in the body of the text using (Last name, year). Footnotes should be avoided.


Accepted File Formats

To write the RESEARCH ARTICLE manuscript, the authors must use the word processor MS-Word or a LaTeX Editor for articles in mathematics.

To write the STATE OF THE ART REVIEW ARTICLE manuscript, the authors must use the cord processor MS-Word or a LaTeX Editor for articles in mathematics.

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