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La Revista Ecuatoriana de Neurología (REN) (ISS 1019-8113) is the official journal of the Ecuadorian Society of Neurology, the Ecuadorian League Against Epilepsy, and the Iberoamerican Society of Cerebrovascular Disease. REN is part of the Federation of Neurological Journals in Spanish, and has an agreement of cooperation with other journals forming part of this federation. REN is published every four months, and is listed in Scopus, Excerpta Medica database EMBASE (Elsevier Science B.V.) and the bibliographic index PERIODICA from the Scientific and Humanistic Information Center of the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. Please address correspondence to: Revista Ecuatoriana de Neurología, P.O.BOX 09-04-462 Policentro, Codigo Postal 090510, Guayaquil, Ecuador. E-mail: Contributors and advertisers are responsible for the views expressed, which are not necessarily those of the Ecuadorian Society of Neurology or the Ecuadorian League Against Epilepsy. REN is not responsible for errors or any consequences arising form the use of the information contained in the journal.

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