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Focus and Reach

PODIUM is focused on the Social Sciences, especially in the lines of Education, Management and Business (Strategy, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Accounting and Leadership) and Family Businesses and Innovation. It seeks to promote and participate in research and internationalization of the cognition that characterizes a Society of Knowledge. Articles may be postulated through our OJS platform, at any time during the entire year.


Section policies

Scientific articles: Text selection is ample and varied; it results from scientific research that analyzes local, regional, national and international subjects. Text structure includes six sections, to wit: Introduction, Literature Revision, Methodology, Results, Conclusions and References.

Article Revision: Article-revision includes bibliographic text revision with no fewer than 50 references. The structure thereof includes five sections, to wit: Introduction, Methodology, Results and Discussion, Conclusions and References.

Résumé:This section presents commentaries and analyses of publications that have been in circulation for less than two years.


Reviewers policies

PODIUM requires reviewers to have a post-graduate level (MA or PhD). Reviewers may be teachers, researchers and/or experts on their publication lines, within the Social Science area. Every reviewer must generate his own username in the OJS platform, where contact and affiliation data must be registered. Reviewers must handle the management of the assigned revisions exclusively in PODIUM journal´s OJS platform.

PODIUM reviewers will adhere to following policies:

  1. Articles for evaluation will be assigned according to the areas of interest that are reflected in their curriculum vitae.
  2. Reviewers must decline reviewing invitation as soon as possible, whether they lack time or they feel that the article does not fit their area of interest. This will allow other reviewers to be invited.
  3. A warning will be register in the reviewer´s profile, if reviewing deadline is over and reviewers has not declined reviewing.
  4. If reviewing deadline is over for a second time, and no declination has been received, the reviewer´s name will be eliminated from the reviewers´ list.


Peer evaluation process

Article rejection: PODIUM may reject article postulation if it ascertains that: a) The article does not contribute to PODIUM´s reach and focus, b) the article does not fulfill authors´ requirements, c) the article has already been published in full or partially, or d) Safe Assign which is specialized software has detected similarities or agreement with Internet sources.

Evaluation process: After postulated articles have passed the first editorial revision, they will be subject to a double-blind evaluation; this evaluation will be carried out through the OJS platform, by at least two outside evaluators, who must not belong to the Editorial Council. The evaluators will lean on an evaluation rubric which will consider three revision areas, to wit: Communication, critical thinking and content. Additionally, recommendations to authors will be ascertained. An official communication will be send to authors through the OJS platform concerning article publication. After peer-revision, it may be decided that the article can either be “published with changes”, or that it may “published as is”. The decision to reject an article is entirely up to the editors. Rejection may be due to observations made by peers in the course of evaluation; it may also be due to non-compliance of some of the points mentioned under the heading “Article Rejection”. If an author wishes to rewrite his/her article and after rewriting have it go through the evaluation process again, the editors will then advice the author how long he must wait for a new evaluation.

Confidentiality: Personal data of both authors and reviewers as well as results and details of the evaluation process will be kept secret by PODIUM. Results and details of the evaluation process will only be made available to the parties that are directly concerted (i.e. authors, evaluators, editors).

Evaluation time: The time that will elapse during evaluation will depend on several factors, one of them being evaluators’ availability and the time for author´s corrections. If minor corrections are required, authors will have two weeks to deliver them once observations are delivered to them. If corrections require substantial structural changes, authors will have four weeks to deliver the corrected article.

In case no answer is received to the works remittance within two weeks, author has to redirect the document to


Publication frequency

PODIUM is published every semester, in June and December.


Open access policy

PODIUM does not charge authors for sending in articles or for processing them (Article Processing Charge-APC). PODIUM is an open-access publication; content is available at no charge through its web site.

In order to reinforce our open access policy, PODIUM journal is published under a license named “Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC-BY-NC 4.0)”. This license allows sharing (copying and redistributing material in any means or format) and adapting (re-mixing, transforming and creating starting from the material). Corresponding credits must be given and no commercial use of the materials is allowed.

It is PODIUM´s policy to update its web site and all versions of the operating system where the journal finds its self.



Se encuentra indizada en:

PODIUM is published twice a year, in June and December. PODIUM is indexed in the Regional on-line Information System for Scientific Journals of Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal; 2.0 Catalog Latindex; Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory, in Information Matrix for Journals Analysis (MIAR for its Spanish initials), CIRC, in Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE), in Directory of Open Access Scholarly Resources (ROAD), in DOAJ - Directory of Open Access Journals, in the Ibero American Innovation and Scientific Cognition Network (REDIB by its initials in Spanish), Dialnet and in ERIHPLUS. It is, besides, a member of Crossref.


Publication ethics

PODIUM adheres to good practices for promote integrity in publication and research as stipulated by The Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) in

Policies of Editorial Ethics

  • PODIUM has full authority to reject or accept articles and responsibility for doing it.
  • PODIUM has no conflicts of interest concerning rejected or accepted articles.
  • PODIUM promotes correction and publication when errors are found.
  • PODIUM preserves evaluator anonymity.

Evaluators’ ethical policies

  • Evaluators apply an objective policy to article evaluation.
  • There are no conflicts of interest concerning research authors or research investors.
  • Articles designated for evaluation are confidentially handled.

Policies of author ethics

  • Authors are expected to take an active part in the peer evaluation process.
  • They have made a significant contribution to research.
  • Data authenticity in the proposed articles is guaranteed.
  • Authors are expected to provide error correction.



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