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Submissions Policy

In line with our free access policy, no monetary charges are applied to authors for the submission of their articles for evaluation and publication. To publish with us, please refer to our submissions section.


Publication Standards

- The writings must be original and unpublished, presented in its final version in Spanish. The proposed articles should not be submitted to other journals at the time of submission to Ídex, contemporary art.

- The texts sent will have an extension of between 4 and 12 pages. - The text should be written with font Times New Roman size 12, line spacing 1.5 for the body of work, citations and bibliography and size 10 for footnotes.

- Citation and bibliography according to APA standards.

- The first page must contain the following information:

1. Summary of the text in Spanish and abstract in English, 150 words.

2. 4 to 8 keywords that identify the text

3. Biography of the author / maximum in 100 words. It must include year and place of birth, academic training and other information that it considers relevant. If you have an ORCID identification code, it must be included in the author's biography.

- If images are included, they must be no smaller than 30cm on their widest side and must have 300dpi resolution. The rights of the images must be released by their respective authors and must include the corresponding credit according to APA standards.


Evaluation Policy

This journal is evaluated under the external academic peer review system, and by the double-blind peer review method, which guarantees the confidentiality of authors and reviewers. The estimated time between article receipt and publication is 60 days. 

The review process is as follows:

  1. The author sends their proposal through the journal’s registration system, within the time period specified in the semi-annual call for papers; at no point does this involve any payment on part of the author. The submission must be drafted according to the journal’s publication norms and the author must accept the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial License 4.0.                                                                                                          
  2. The submission is first reviewed by the Editor. It is verified that the article conforms to the journal's publication norms and that the proposed topic is of interest and is consistent with the publication. The Editor is free to reject articles which do not comply with these basic guidelines or that are deemed lacking in their conceptual proposal.
  3. The articles accepted for review are sent to peer readers with a double-blind system. The deadline for reading and the issuance of verdicts, using an evaluation rubric, is 15 working days. In the verdict, the reviewer can determine that the text is: accepted, accepted with minor modifications, accepted with major modifications/must be re-evaluated, and lastly, rejected. In all cases the decision must be communicated to the author. The evaluator’s decision is final.
  4. The deadlines determined for the correction of articles are: minor modifications, 8 days, major modifications followed by re-evaluation, 15 days. Re-evaluation should take place in no more than 8 days.
  5. Once the corrections period is up, the articles are sent for style editing and design.


Section Policies

  1. Art Topics: This section includes double-blind peer reviewed articles on various topics related to contemporary art, discussed from distinct perspectives such as art history, visual studies, visual anthropology and sociology. Articles in this section are received only within the time periods established in the call for papers. Characteristics:  Indexed - Peer Reviewed
  2. Dossier: This section includes double-blind peer reviewed articles that are selected based on a reflection regarding a specific art theme, specified in each call for papers. Articles in this section are received only within the time periods established in the call. Characteristics:  Indexed - Peer Reviewed
  3. Visual Essay: This section includes open-themed artistic or photographic visual essays. These items are not peer reviewed and are commissioned from the creators by the Editor. Characteristics:     Indexed - Not Peer Reviewed
  4. Dialogs: This section is open to dialogs between artists, curators and journalists who discuss different topics of interest in contemporary art. This section is not peer reviewed and is published at the Editor’s discretion. Characteristics: Indexed - Not Peer Reviewed


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