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Approach and scope

Index, Contemporary Art Journal is published by Visual Arts School at the Faculty or Architecture, Design and Art at the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuado. The objective of Index. Contemporary Art Journal is to disseminate critical and investigative processes focused on the visual arts, with particular emphasis on the production of thought emerging from Latin America. This publication is directed at the academic and artistic communities and at a broader public interested in developing and delving into the diverse complexities of the field of art. Index. Contemporary Art will be published on a semi-annual basis, in both electronic and website formats. It aims to become a reference platform for the field of the arts at a local and regional level.
It is proposed that Index. Contemporary Art Journal cover the following topics: art and education, art history, art criticism, reviews of publications, reviews of artists, collectors and the art market, art and new media, aesthetic thought, visual studies, and photographic visual essay.

Publication Frequency

Index. Contemporary Art Journal is a semi-annual publication published in July and December.


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