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ÍCONOS is a multidisciplinary journal of social sciences, published every four months, and founded in 1997 by the Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales, Ecuador. The objective of this journal is to foster reflection that connects the academic concerns of social science with real social problems. Considering this focus, articles presented should preferably be the results or advances in research in any field within the social sciences. The journal also accepts essays on historic or contemporary issues that are solidly supported by academic literature, analysis of national and international trends based on academic estimates, and/or interviews of interest to the field of social sciences. The journal is aimed toward the scientific community as well as others interested in using an academic perspective to expand and deepen understanding in issues of social, political, cultural and economic debate in the Andean Region and in general, in Latin America.


Section Policies


This section compiles a collection of peer reviewed articles about a central theme, which is covered in depth and from distinct focuses. The call for article submission for this section has a deadline; we suggest consulting the various calls. Length of articles: 6000 to 7500 words.
Open Submissions Indexed Peer Reviewed


This section includes peer reviewed articles on various research areas. It includes analysis on any theme-of-choice, articles on issues of theoretical debate, as well as analysis of national and international trends from different disciplinary perspectives within the social sciences. Articles for this section can be submitted year-round. Length of article: 6000 to 7500 words.
Open Submissions Indexed Peer Reviewed


Peer Review Process

Articles submitted to the journal will undergo a multi-step review process:

  • Articles that comply with formal requirements, as specified in the journal´s editorial norms, will be considered “received,” and authors will be notified by email of the reception status. This notification is different from the automatically-generated notification in the article submission system
  • Received articles will undergo an initial evaluation that will evaluate the article according to its topical relevance, originality, and quality of the text. This pre-evaluation is performed by the Dossier editors (for articles submitted to this section) or by a member of the Editorial Board for all other sections. The author will be notified by email whether or not his or her article will be sent to peer review.
  • If the article receives a positive evaluation, it will enter a peer-review process. This process involves sending the article to at least two anonymous academic reviewers. Each article will be read by a group of readers possessing doctoral degrees, whose publications demonstrate a strong level of knowledge on the subjects addressed by the article under review. On occasion, the group will also include researchers who, although they do not have a doctoral degree, possess a recognized research background on the subject. Readers will base their recommendation on: the quality of the work in relation to its originality and its contribution to the research area, theoretical soundness, critical or argumentative support, methodology and information management, results or conclusions, bibliography, and clarity of expression.
  • Based on the aforementioned criteria, the reviewers will determine if the article is: a) publishable without modifications; b) a strong candidate for publishing, assuming certain changes to the manuscript; c) publishable only if strong, fundamental changes are executed; d) not publishable.
  • In the case of discrepancies in the results, the article will be sent to a third reviewer, whose criteria will determine the publication of the article.
  • Results of the peer review process cannot be appealed.
  • The article selection process takes three to four months.


Publication Frequency

  • • ÍCONOS is a quarterly magazine with three issues a year, it is published in the periods January - April, May - August and September - December.


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