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Presentation rules

To present the article you must consider:

  • The manuscript must be in .doc or .docx according to the template (download).
  • Complete the data of the authors, affiliation, contributions according to the Author Data file (download).
  • Fill out and sign the document on Assignment of rights and declaration of conflict of interest (download).
The three documents must be uploaded on the journal's platform with prior registration. Complete Guide.

To enter the article you must do the following:
  1. Enter the platform for registration.
  2. Fill in the information requested, including the ORCID.
  3. Login with the generated username and password.
  4. Select the new submission option and complete the elements of the manuscript.

The articles presented must be original and unpublished and not be nominated for publication in any other journal or scientific publication, simultaneous presentations are also excluded.

Ethical use of information
Commercialism: Material of a commercial nature is unacceptable in a technical document by FIGEMPA journal. Generic descriptions may replace trade names.

Plagiarism: Plagiarism of the work of others is unacceptable. If detected, similarity criteria will be applied in accordance with technical recommendations and the article will not be accepted. In case of being an article based on undergraduate and/or postgraduate degree works, both the work and the authors must be mentioned.



The article must contain: Title in Spanish and English, Abstract in Spanish and English, keywords in Spanish and English, Introduction, Methodology, Discussion of Results, Conclusions and Bibliographic references.

Its length should not exceed 8.000 words, including graphs, tables and photographs. Avoid making claims that are not clearly supported by other research results or have been validated by rigorous studies. The language of the journal is Spanish, additionally the summary in English is requested. The main title must contain no more than 15 words. You must also submit it in English. Bibliographical references are organized alphabetically by the author's first surname, following the Harvard style, which is described in the journal guide. Under no circumstances should references not cited in the text be included.


Graphs, photographs, tables and equations

All graphics, photographs and tables must be centered and included in the article, they must have a good resolution to upload individually in the Complementary Files section.
Do not place figures before their first mention in the text. The axes of the figures must have names and not symbols.
It is allowed, if necessary, that your figures, diagrams and tables are full page.
Use capital letters only in the first word of each title of the figures and tables.
Figures and tables must be numbered separately, as follows: Figure 1, Figure 2, etc.; Table 1, Table 2, etc., as appropriate.
Figure titles should be centered below the figures; the titles of the tables should be centered above the tables.
The use of color images is allowed.

Please use symbols that are available in English and Spanish, in the word processing versions. The equations should be numbered with the number in parentheses and on the right side of the text, eg VGS=VGG+I(D)RS   Ec. (1)
Explicitly use exponential notation, that is, 5.6x10-3.


Copyright Notice

The articles published in this journal are subject to the following terms in relation to economic or exploitation rights:
The authors will retain their copyright and guarantee the journal the right of first publication of their work, which will be distributed under a Creative Commons License - Attribution 4.0 International, you are free to:
Share: copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format.
Adapt: remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially.


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