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Revista San Gregorio

 ISSN 2528-7907 ISSN 1390-7247

MEDINA-AMAN., Gabriela; ESCOBAR-SEGOVIA, Kenny    ARIAS-ULLOA, Cristian. Risk factors and their relationship in drivers of an interprovincial transport cooperative in Ecuador. []. , 1, 46, pp.30-46. ISSN 2528-7907.  https://doi.org/10.36097/rsan.v1i46.1477.

In Ecuador during 2016 there were 30,269 traffic accidents, being 21548 the number of injured and 1967 the number of deaths; among the causes, it is important to point out the fatigue and lack of skill of the driver. The objective of the study is to analyze the risk factors and their relationship with fatigue in drivers of an interprovincial transport cooperative in Ecuador. The study has a non-experimental, descriptive and cross-sectional correlational design; The Yoshitake Test was applied which was answered individually by 194 drivers, after having driven for several hours on the Guayaquil - Coca routes, Blood Pressure and blood glucose level were measured, figures with which it was possible to establish an Initial prevalence of the type of fatigue they presented, in addition it was sought to propose a correlation between fatigue and alterations that may cause abnormalities in Blood Pressure and Glycemia Levels. The conclusion is that the highest frequency of fatigue found in drivers is physical fatigue with 57.7%, although it is mixed fatigue that shows a correlation with the variables applied in the study.

: Driving; glycemia; work fatigue; blood pressure; personal pathological history.

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